3rd January 2018

IXOPAY Vault Outage Notification

Services are up and running again

Affected Components:

  • IXOPAY Vault

Update 15:45 UTC

Post Mortem IXOPAY Vault Outage 03.01.2018 from 12:45 UTC until 13:30 UTC

SSL interception is used to make sure any outbound connection is monitored. This requires us to use our own CA to decrypt/encrypt internal SSL traffic. The certificate we are using for this internal communication has expired unexpectedly.

Starting at 12:45 UTC outbound HTTPS calls could not be verified by the requesting application which terminated with an invalid SSL exception.

Normally the certificate should have been reissued automatically. This did not happen as the application managing the certificates did not work as expected. We have started the reissuing process manually and replaced the expired by a new one.

To prevent this in future we are looking into optimizing our monitoring services to get better alerts.

At 13:30 UTC all services are up and stable again.